Catawba Wateree Water Management Group 2015 Annual Report

Water for All Summit 2023 Balancing the Basin

Thank you for attending our sixth annual Water for All Summit!

We were thrilled to welcome over 170 water industry professionals from across the region to discuss the importance of Balancing the Basin, examining how we can better balance the needs of our growing region and the health of our greatest resource.

  • March 29, 2023
  • 9:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
  • Hickory, NC

Summit Discussion Topics

This year’s Water for All Summit explored the following key components of the IWRP:

  • Water Quality

    What are the biggest contributors to water quality concerns in our River Basin?

  • Source Water Protection

    How can we reduce the risk of contaminants entering our waterways?

  • Water Quantity

    How are regional water demands changing?

  • Regional Economic Impact

    How do we quantify the value of our water to ensure a resilient/sustainable future?

Photo Gallery


Warren Wood .jpg
Warren Wood, City Manager, City of Hickory

Jimmy Bagley
Jimmy Bagley, CWWMG Board Chair, Deputy City Manager, City of Rock Hill

Jimmy Bagley
Vicki Taylor, CWWMG Advisory Board, Catawba Wateree Initiative

Jeff Lineberger
Jeff Lineberger, CWWMG Board Co-Chair, General Manager, Water Strategy, Hydro Licensing & Lake Services, Duke Energy

Paul Calamita
Paul Calamita, Chairman, AquaLaw

Tom Gallo
Tom Gallo, Vice President/Senior Water Resources Scientist, WQR, Inc

Andrew Kota
Andrew Kota, Executive Director, Foothills Conservancy

Brad Whitman
Brad Whitman, Drinking Water Protection Program Coordinator, N.C. Department of Environmental Quality

Danny Edwards
Danny Edwards, Environmental Program Consultant, N.C. Department of Environmental Quality

James Kilgo
James Kilgo, Source Water Protection Specialist, South Carolina Rural Water Association

Jennifer Heymann
Jennifer Heymann, Senior Water Advisor, Waterplan

Katherine Baer
Katherine Baer, Vice President, River Programs, River Network

Dr. Adrienne Hua
Dr. Adrienne Hua, Principal Economic Lead, Charlotte Regional Business Alliance

Hyong Yi
Hyong Yi, Administrator, Union County Water

Michael Vaughn
Michael Vaughn, County Councilman, Chester County

Jimmy Bagley
Jimmy Bagley, CWWMG Board Chair,Deputy City Manager, City of Rock Hill

Warren Wood
Warren Wood, City Manager, City of Hickory

Panel discussion
City/County Leader Roundtable